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Amy Turner

Social Media Manager

Amy brings a global perspective to BSTRO and a penchant for learning all about what makes people tick. As a dual citizen of Canada and the UK, Amy loves getting to know people and their stories and then sharing their humor and insights: A perfect combination for a social media manager.

Amy also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management from Dalhousie University and accumulated ten years in the hospitality industry before joining BSTRO. Her myriad of life and work experiences led her to career heights at Earl’s Restaurant, where she was a major player in design, branding, and social media marketing.

She uses her social media mastery to support several BSTRO clients with great visual styling and storytelling that forms genuine connections with audiences.

Her curiosity about what makes products relevant, interest in competitive research, the latest global social media trends, and her innate creativity ensure that BSTRO’s clients are at the top of their social media game.

When Amy’s not tracking the latest social media trends, you can usually find her doing one of these six things: Adventuring with her Siberian Husky, Skyla; Pilates; Finding a body of water to swim in; Trying new recipes; Tinkering with her film camera, or cracking open a cold one at a brewery with friends.

Guilty Pleasure

President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Best Advice

Talk less, listen more, and always be kind

Current Obsession

Cooking TikToks & The Real Housewives Franchise