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Amy Tebbs

Email Campaign Manager

With a fierce determination to smash goals and a highly infectious energy, Amy is always striving for the bigger, better, best in everything she does. She’s especially great at building strong working relationships, which is why she’s so darn awesome at understanding how to develop and maintain loyal email subscribers.

As an experienced and driven email marketer, Amy’s background spans from insurance to retail to consumer package goods. Prior to joining BSTRO, Amy led email marketing at where she was responsible for everything from strategy to engaging cross-functional teams to progressing the acquisition and retention programs.

Amy moved from the UK to Vancouver back in 2015, and brought with her a true British sense of humour – as well as a passion for all things digital. She studied law at Manchester Metropolitan University, so you definitely don’t want to get into a debate with her!

When Amy isn’t immersed in everything email, you can find her eating all the Cadbury’s chocolate she can find… or breaking a sweat at barre class.

Current obsession:

Olivia and Fitz’s love affair

Favourite guilty pleasure:

English Breakfast Tea and Chocolate

Friends describe you as

Fiercely loyal and loud!