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Alexis Ocampo

Copywriter & Content Marketer

Alexis is a Copywriter & Content Marketer for BSTRO. Born in the Philippines, she grew up in Japan and Singapore before moving to Canada and obtaining a BA in Environment and Development from McGill University in Montreal.

Social impact has always been at the core of much of Alexis’ pursuits. Volunteer work was a staple in life from a young age, and every internship and job opportunity that presented itself always posed a question to her: Would partaking in this help make the world a better place, even by a little bit? Still, no matter what she took on, Alexis gravitated towards writing, which remained an integral part of the role in some way, shape, or form.

Cue BSTRO, which has given Alexis the incredible opportunity to share impactful stories, write compelling copy, and help brands we believe in stand out in bold and meaningful ways. Working at BSTRO has encouraged Alexis to think a little more deeply, ask questions with a little more curiosity, and grow open to tackling various creative and copywriting challenges head-on.

Equal parts homebody and adventurer, Alexis is down to explore wherever the wind takes her. Sometimes she’s nestled deep into her weekend-long movie marathon, and others, she’s out exploring one of Vancouver’s many nature trails. Whatever it may be, Alexis enjoys the simple things in life: long walks in the beautiful outdoors, when your food craving hits the spot, meaningful conversation that shakes up your worldview just a little bit and looking forward to the unexpected (big Covid lesson, that one!) that lies just around the corner.

Favorite essential reading

To Live by Yu Hua

Tool you couldn’t live without

I need a notebook and pen on me wherever I am.

Best place to take visitors in VAN

The Birds and the Beets for breakfast, Green Leaf Sushi Cafe for lunch, Revolver for an afternoon pour over, Di Beppe for dinner and Earnest Ice Cream for dessert!